Smilelign essentials: Everything you need to know

The course aims to equip you with all you need to know about cosmetically focused orthodontics, using Smilelign clear aligners. 

The seminar includes an introduction to the Smilelign treatment, including how to identify suitable cases, and will also provide you with the Smilelign Ortho Studio software for your computer - ideal for showing patients the journey their teeth will take. 

"A brilliant system! This should be in the armamentarium of every aesthetically orientated dentist.Dr I Jones.

The course will cover:

  • Case Selection
  • Orthodontic assessments
  • Record taking
  • Treatment planning service, from impressions to retention
  • When you should refer a case to a specialist
  • Technical and clinical support
  • Combining restorative, cosmetic/aesthetic work with Smilelign
  • IPR tips, techniques and recommended tools
  • Smilelign Ortho Studio - practical session