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DAMAS certification

GDC certification

Our technicians are either registered with the GDC or working towards appropriate qualifications.

Medical Devices Regulations

Our company is registered under the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulations Agency for Regulation 19: Placing General Medical Devices on the Market. See full details below.

S4S (UK) Limited and Smilelign Cross Infection Control Policy.

We ask our clients as part of their cross infection control procedures to ensure that all impressions are rinsed and disinfected before they are posted to us. However, in order to protect our staff, we also routinely disinfect ALL impressions entering the laboratory. Please read on for information regarding these procedures.

 Please note: we supply appliances in a clean but non sterile condition.  It is recommended that before use these appliances are stored in a clean and safe environment that prevents it coming into contact with materials, equipment, acids, alkalies or bleaches that could cause physical or chemical damage to the medical device.  The medical device should not be subjected to extremes of temperature during storage.  Where applicable you should take care not to damage the medical device when removing it from its model.

We are registered with the MHRA (CA016429), Dental Laboratories Association and DAMAS accredited (110176). Our technicians are either registered with the GDC or working towards appropriate qualifications, please see above for records of these.


Disinfection Procedure.

Our Staff handling un-disinfected impressions wear protective gloves. All work coming in to the laboratory is rinsed with water and then sprayed with ImpressiV Disinfectant.


Procedure for Impressions.

• Dental impressions are rinsed thoroughly under clean running water in order to remove all ‘visible’ contamination, blood, saliva etc.

• Excess water residue is drained from the impression.

• ImpressiV solution is sprayed directly onto the impression ensuring complete coverage.

• Impressions are then allowed to dry naturally

• Following treatment dental impressions are stored/protected from possible cross contamination.


Procedure for Appliances.

Sleepwell, SCI, Dual Laminate Nightguards & All other Hard/Soft devices

Due to the nature of the hard/soft materials, special care needs to be taken when disinfecting these appliances. The material properties will remain excellent assuming you follow the correct disinfecting and cleaning procedure. All the above appliances should be disinfected using PuraDent Disinfectant Tablets. The appliances should be soaked in a solution for 10 minutes. The soft material used to make these devices can be damaged if they are disinfected by using other materials and any warranty may be invalid. PuraDent can be purchased from S4S, please call us for the latest prices and quantities available.


Disinfection Procedures for all other Laboratory Appliances not listed above

Rinse the appliance under running water, immerse the appliance in approximately 1% available chlorine sodium hypochlorite bleach for 10 minutes, and then rinse under running water again.


ImpressiV Chemical Composition

PROPAN-2-OL 60-90% DETERGENT NONIONIC<1% N,N-BIS (3 AMINOPROPYL) DODECYLAMINE,  30%<1%. Ampholitic Surface Active Agents. Microbial activity: 30 seconds (*5 minutes) Bactericidal. Tuberculocidal. Mycobactericidal*. Levuricidal. Fungicidal*. HIV-1, PRV (HBV surrogate). Influenza A virus H1N1 and Vaccina virus. Adenovirus, BVDC (HCV surrogate). Herpesvirus, Rotavirus, Coronavirus.


Nitradine Chemical Composition

Citric Acid 77-92-9 201-069-1 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 151-21-3 205-788-1 Lactose Monohydrate 10 039-26-6 Unassigned Sodium Bicarbonate 144-55-8 205-633-8 Sodium Chloride 7647-14-5 231-598-3 Potassium Hydrogen Monopersulfate 70693-62-8 274-778-7 Sodium Carbonate 497-19-8 207-838-8 Peppermint Flavour 89-78-1/ 10458-14-7/ 5989-27-5 201-939-0/ 233-944-9/ 227-813-5 PVP/VA Copolymer.