3D Digital Scanning

Study Model Archiving

The S4S scanner will create a 3D digital image of a patients study models in an open file format. The comprehensive features within the software enables us to trim the models to clinician specifications and completely negates the need to store any physical models as the data can be recalled at anytime and models can be printed easily on request.

NHS Requirements for orthodontic contract holders and image suppliers
For the purposes of routine orthodontic monitoring NHS Dental Services normally requests the records from five completed cases. Historically contract holders have been requested to submit plaster duplicates of the pre- and post-treatment study models. However from February 2014 contract holders will be requested to submit their pre- and post-treatment study models as 3D digital images in STL file format. Click here to view the latest guidelines...

3D Model storage

S4S will digitally store 3D study models and a physical model can be recreated at any point in the future making the physical storage of study models obsolete


3D Scan from Model                              £8.95

3D Scan from Impression                        £14.00

PAR Scoring Including Model Scan            £20.00

Data Storage (after first year)                  £10.00/Gb*

   *1Gb = Approx 150 study model scans


3D Model Print from Archived Data           £30.00