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Clear Aligners - S4S Dental Laboratory

Clear Aligners

Clear or invisible aligners have become increasingly popular. Using contemporary orthodontic techniques S4S can offer clear aligners for cases that may require simple alignment of anterior teeth. We can advise you on individual cases and give a basic treatment outline if required. Great for tipping or minor rotational movements, also great for correcting relapse cases. Clear Invisible Aligners are very popular with Adults as it is almost impossible to see the appliances.

For More Difficult Cases

Smilelign Clear Aligner system can be used to treat more difficult cases. Treatment planning is undertaken using our bespoke 3D digital orthodontic planning software. For more information visit


  • Small tipping or rotational movements
  • Anterior crowding
  • Alignment of front teeth prior to veneer placement


Contruction requirements

  1. Upper and lower impressions
  2. Bite registration
  3. Study models should be taken for pre & post treatment records

Further Information

Clear Invisible Aligners are now a very popular way of making minor corrections to misaligned teeth and are often used after fixed appliance therapy to make precise final adjustments to finished cases. Treatment is usually very quick and cost effective. Clear Aligners are also known as; Essix positioners, Kesling Positioners. These clear positioners are not the same as other aligners and are for very simple tooth movements only.