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Soft Bite Raising Appliance - S4S Dental Laboratory

Soft Bite Raising Appliance


Soft BRA's (Bite Raising Appliances) are perhaps the most commonly prescribed splint for Bruxism and TMD, albeit, perhaps the least effective. The soft guard will protect the teeth by separating and preventing them coming into contact. Over a short period the guards will deteriorate and will need replacing. It is common for patients to bite through the guards, it is believed that patients who clench during sleep will clench more on the soft splint, and can sometimes lead to an increase in symptoms. Soft splints do have a role to play in trauma cases, where the patients TMJ may have inflamed, the soft splint will allow the disc to become decompressed and aid the healing process.


  • TMJ Trauma 
  • To seperate the teeth from minor tooth grinding
  • Occlusal trauma

Construction requirements

  1. Upper or lower impression
  2. Design, indication full coverage or partial coverage etc

Further Information

Soft BRA's have been the most commonly used devices for treatment of TMD or Bruxism in dentistry to date. Further studies and development of new devices has shown a steady decline in the provision of this type of device. Other names by which device is known are: Nightguard, Gumshield, Soft Splint, Soft Biteguard PVA Splint, Decompression Splint.