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Flat Plane Hard Bite Splint - S4S Dental Laboratory

Flat Plane Hard Bite Splint



The hard flat splint is constructed on the maxillary or mandibular arch . The splint is contructed to achieve balanced contacts with all opposing supporting teeth and incisal anterior teeth edges.


This type of splint, often called a relaxation splint can be used for patients with:

  • acute or chronic muscle pain.
  • night time use or for no longer than 10-12 hours per day.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Orthodontic treatment to 'Free-Up' the occlusion

Construction requirements

  1. Upper and lower Impressions (alginate impressions are suitable)
  2. Centric Relation / Relaxed teeth apart bite registration

Further Information

The hard flat splint  is sometimes called a Relaxation Splint. It is usually made with Hard Acrylic, however we can often maximise retention and comfort by incorporating a soft lining into the fitting surface of the device.